Tom Vander Heyden?


Tom Vander Heyden, is een freelance fotograaf uit Belgie met een passie voor sportfotografie en outdoor fotografie.

He keeps going until he reaches the boundaries of his imagination.


Tom has spent 3 years capturing the mountain bike scene, for magazines such as O2 Bikers and Belgium Mountainbike magazines, as well as for the Belgium Nodrugs, Lingier-Versluys and Nomadesk-Narviflex biking teams. Check out his blog-page to see this and more of his outdoor work.
For 2012, he hopes that he can show you more exciting photos!
2012 looks set to continue in the same exciting way:


Future plans

  • Pushing the boundaries to improve, grow and challenge
  • Share this knowledge and experience
  • Testing the latest photographic technology
  • Discovering and photographing extreme and beautifull places around the world